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Bingham University School Fees, Admission Requirements, Hostel Accommodation And List Of Courses Offered

Bingham University is one of the most prominent private schools in middle-belt region of Nigeria. It is an institution that has been accredited and of standard level to learn in. If you are aspiring into this university, then you need to read this post. In this post, you would read about the Bingham University School fees range, hostel fees, admission requirements and many other information. Let’s get into it!

About The Bingham University

The Bingham University is situated in Benue State, Nigeria. It boasts of having the best facilities to enable quality learning process of Nigerian students easier. Along with other top private universities in the middlebelt region, the Bingham University ranks high.

Bingham University School Fees

Since the Bingham University is a Federal university, the school fees are quite affordable for the common man. For undergraduate students, the school fees lie between the ranges between N500,000 – N600,000.

Bingham University Admission Requirements (Undergraduate)

To be eligible for the Bingham University admission, here are the requirements that should be met:

1. O’Level Requirements

As an aspiring student at the Bingham University, you should have at least five O’level credits in related subjects to your discipline. These five credits should include credits in Mathematics and English Language. Your O’level results can be in the form of WAEC, NECO, GCE, or its equivalent.

Note that if you have used the “Awaiting Results” format to sit for the JAMB exam, you should make sure that your O’level results are ready and available before the Bingham University admission process begins.

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2. JAMB UTME Requirements

To be admitted to the Bingham University, you need to score high on the JAMB UTME test. It is recommended that you score above 150. So, on your part, prepare hard to pass the exams. If you are targeting a competitive course, do well to score high to beat the competition and emerge among the firsts in the admission process.

3. Age

You must be above or by the age of 16 years by October 1st.

4. Post UTME

In some cases, the Bingham University may decide to conduct a post-UTME test. This is to make sure a reduced number of students are admitted to a course. So, read and study hard to get a high grade on this test assessment. The post-UTME, JAMB UTME, and O’level scores would play a big part in your getting admitted to study at the Bingham University.

Bingham University Hostel Accommodation

The Bingham University has top-class hostel buildings that are convenient for students to live in. However, to gain access to these hostel buildings, you need to pay a hostel accommodation fee ranging from N100,000 – N150,000 per session if you are an undergraduate.

Bingham University List Of Courses Offered

At the Bingham University, here is the list of courses offered:

Medicine & Surgery



Arts, Management & Social Science

English Language

Mass Communication



Business Administration


Information Resource Management

Library & Information Science



Political Science

Science & Technology




Biology View Profile

Industrial Chemistry






Computer Science




What is the cut off mark for Bingham University?

The cutoff mark for Bingham University is 150. If you score higher, you increase your chances if gaining admission at this institution.

Is Bingham University competitive?

Yes. Bingham University is moderately competitive. However, compared to state or federal universities, it is not all that competitive.

What is Bingham University tuition fee?

Bingham University tuition fee is between the range of N500,000 – N600,000.

Can you live on campus at Bingham University?

You may decide to leave at one of the hostel facilities provided by Bingham University. They are safe and secure.

Does Bingham University do matriculation?

Yes. Every year, a matriculation ceremony is held for admitted students of Bingham University.


There you go! No doubt, you’ve been enlightened about how getting an admission into Bingham University is. You’ve also gotten an idea of the school fees and hostel fees. If you still have any questions about Bingham University, drop them in the comment box below.

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