Adsterra Review 2023: How To Make $100 Monthly With Adsterra Arbitrage

Adsterra Review 2023: How To Make $100 Monthly With Adsterra.

Adsterra is one of the best ad network for new bloggers to make money in 2023. With Adsterra, new bloggers can make about $100 monthly from their website.

Are you one of those bloggers who wants to make money from their website traffic? Do you want to know the best Adsense alternative for newbies in Blogging?

Adsterra Review 2022: How To Make $100 Monthly With Adsterra
Adsterra Review

If yes, worry no more, in this post, I will be sharing with you detailed review on Adsterra and how new Bloggers can easily make money with Adsterra ad network.

Adsterra Review 2023

Adsterra is a renowned advertising network for both Advertisers and Publishers with the best customer services.

The ad network allows advertisers to promote their services to over 2 Million users monthly while giving new publishers the opportunity to make money from their website traffic.

With more than 20k publishers, Adsterra is currently one of the most popular and recommended Adsense alternative for bloggers who are yet to get approval on their websites.

Adsterra Main Ad Types

The main ad type Adsterra Offers to every Publishers includes CPM, CPA, CPC, CPO, CPI, Popunders, social bar, video and native ads too.

Adsterra displays Native and video ads format on Publishers website. However, to earn more with Adsterra, you will need to implement Popunders on your website.

Benefits Of Using Adsterra

1. New Publishers can earn as high as $10 daily from their website. All you need to achieve this is to target visitors from tier 1 countries like The UK, Canada and USA.

2. Adsterra Native and banner ads are clean and free from malware. They adapts to every website.

3. Adsterra Allows you to use 3 ad unit on your website.

4. New bloggers are also welcome to Adsterra.

5. No traffic requirements

6. You can earn even without a website.

7. Best customer services

8. Fast payment

Is Adsterra Legit Or Scam?

Adsterra is trusted and tested to be a Legit ad network for Publishers. They have been paying bloggers since 2013.

Adsterra Requirements For Publishers

No requirements to join Adsterra ad network, all you need is a website.

1. Under construction sites are not accepted by Adsterra

2. Websites with no contents are rejected instantly

3. Non English sites are acceptable

4. Too many ads on your blog leads to rejection.

5. No traffic requirements, website with no traffic are also welcome to make money from Adsterra.

How To Join Adsterra Ad Network

To start making money from Adsterra, you will need to Sign up. Below are steps you should follow

1. On your browser, visit to create a publisher account.

2. Click on sign up or Register Icon

3. Now enter your name, email address, website, country, and other important information on the registration form.

4. Tap on Register to get your account active in 5 minutes.

5. After creating a publisher account, the next step is to verify your website by copying and pasting the verification code on the header of the registered website.

6. Adsterra ads should be live on your blog within 5 minutes of placing the ad code.

Adsterra Payment Method And Proof

The payment methods offered by Adsterra are PayPal, Paxum, Bitcoins and Wire Transfer. They pay Publishers on the 15th of every month. $100 Withdrawal threshold for Both PayPal and Paxum while $1000 for wire transfer to bank account.

How To Make $100 Monthly With Adsterra

You can make more than $100 with Adsterra ad network, all you need is enough traffic to your website and the right ad format.

Here are steps to make $100 monthly with Adsterra

1. Create the best ad format for your website, the recommended ad for Publishers is Popunders, direct links and social bar, with this three ad format on your website, you will make more money.

2. After creating the recommended ad format, now Send traffic to your website from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter,and telegram.

3. Now, relax while your Adsterra earnings keep increasing.

4. Another step to make money with Adsterra is through Referrals.

5. Adsterra has a referral program which pays Publishers for bringing new users to sign up on the platform.

6. To make cash with this method, share your referral link to new bloggers asking them to register on Adsterra and watch your earnings grow on Adsterra.

Is Adsterra legitimate?

Yes, Adsterra is legit, they pay Publishers on the 15th of each month

Is Adsterra better than AdSense?

No, Adsterra is not better than Adsense, but it’s a great ad network for Publishers with low and high traffic. If majority of your website traffic comes from US and other tier 1 countries, then Adsterra is the Best you should use in your website.

How much can you earn with Adsterra?

You can earn as high as $1000 with Adsterra, all you need is decent traffic to your website.

How much does Adsterra pay for 1000 views?

Adsterra pays about $5 to $10 for 1000 Views

How do I withdraw money from Adsterra?

To withdraw your earnings from Adsterra, you have to reach the threshold for Withdrawal then wait for two weeks to get your payment directly to the payment method your selected.


Adsterra is no doubt the second most used ad network among bloggers, the ad network is regarded as the best Adsense alternative for new bloggers. If you are yet to get Adsense approval on your website, then Adsterra is the way forward to earn from your Blog.

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