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10 Business Ideas You Can Launch With 20k Today

19Most times the common excuse people say for their joblessness is that there is no Capital. Even if there is capital, they would still say there is no job. Instead of using a different excuse every day, why don’t you leverage on the business you can start up with little capital? Can you believe you can earn a good profit with a capital of N20k? This article would enlist the 10 business ideas you can launch with 20k today.

Perfume oil

Perfume oil is one of the most lucrative businesses you can start with 20k in Nigeria. The beauty of this business is that you can produce it yourself. Also, you can never go wrong with the business of selling oil. Additionally, people would likely rush to purchase this oil because of the cost of top perfumes. You can start this business by visiting a wholesaler or retailer to purchase this product in bulk.

Make sure the wholesaler you meet is a legit one. Do well to make sure you don’t fall into the hands of scrupulous elements who try to extort you.

Mobile Device Accessories

This is one of the most lucrative businesses in the country. This is true because people who repair phones even sell mobile device accessories as a second option. Regardless of the cost of a Mobile phone in Nigeria, you can easily make huge profits from this enterprise. You can meet a potential supplier of this product and tell them to sell it to you at a favorable price. When you do so, people will start purchasing the goods from you.

These mobile phone accessories may include selfie sticks, small tripod stands, earpieces, earphones, and phone pouches.

Fashion item

When you talk about fashion people think you are talking about dress alone. This does not entail dressing, it might also be belts and palm shoes for men. Fashion jewelry doesn’t have to be related to women’s items. However, to start this business is very easy. You are assured of getting a reward for your money. Due to the economy of Nigeria, you are assured of your money because not everyone in the country can afford the latest fashion brand. In contrast, low and medium-scale earners can afford the common earrings, palm shoes, and belts.


Underwear is one of the most popular capital businesses. When talking about underwear, many feel very disgusted. However, many take their underwear very seriously. As a result, you are assured of getting clients if you live in a student environment. Students anmedium-scalele earners feel pleased whenever they change their underwear. They love to have different sizes and colors of underwear. In this vein, you can get to make friends with them and you will see the reward.

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School Snacks

Snacks are now kids’ favorite. The amount of new snacks that are around is overwhelming. You can easily come across a new brand nearly every day. These brands are very catchy in the eyes of kids and teenagers. Do well to have a steady relationship with your supplier or wholesaler so you can get the latest biscuits at your fingertips. Also, do well to encourage parents and guidance to put biscuits and sweets in their launch box or good flask. Peanuts, chinchin, and chocolates are examples of children’s snacks

Waist Beads and Anklet

When it comes to fashion, women are at the forefront of it. With fashion items such as waist Beads and Anklet becoming rampant, you can take advantage of them and make sure you have a plug for them. This business is fast rising as girls want to look as trendy as possible. With further ado, the business can be done mostly by women. You can easily make them if you have the time and energy. It is very easy to make and would save you a lot of money

Power banks

The power bank is a very good alternative for people who face lighting issues. In most places in Nigeria, light is not 24 hours. So, this business is a great platform where you can sell power to no-light-stricken places. I feel this business is great for people who are facing an economic crisis.

POS business

When talking of the POS business, you are looking at the most crucial business in Nigeria. POS business is great if you can meet the terms and conditions of POS providers. You can get access to this business if you have 20k in your account. Wherever you want, you can easily set up a place and start operating the business. However, you can make as much as 2000 for a 100,000 transaction. Choose a good POS provider to earn a good commission.


Okrika is a great business to start with 20k. With quality Okrika, you can get clothes ranging from children to adults. You can start earning as much as N1000 per cloth. Do well to make sure you can get quality clothes so you have customers

Hair Accessories

The hair business is one of the most common businesses. Despite its popularity, it is very profitable. With the sale of beads, hair cream, and others you can become a powerhouse in the business in no time.


What business can I start with 2.5 million naira?

You can start a small-scale business such as farming, fishing, or vegetable farming. You can easily purchase land and start earning

What business can I start with 5,000?

You can purchase stocks as low as 5k through a stock broker or online.

What small business can I start?

Fashion Businesses

Small Chops Catering

Hair Styling

Content Creation

Online Thrift Business

Private Tutoring

What business can I start with 10k?

1. Sale of Pure Water

2. Selling of foodstuffs

3. Selling Recharge Cards

4. Private Tutorial

5. Car wash business

Can I start an okrika business with 20k?

Okrika is a great business to start with 20k. With quality Okrika, you can get clients ranging from children to adults


To conclude, you can earn very well with a business of 20k. 20,000 naira is a small money to start a business. However, the returns you can derive from it are overwhelming. In this article, we have seen the 10 businesses one can set up with 20k.

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