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10 Best Domiciliary Account In Nigeria 2023

10 Best Domiciliary Account In Nigeria 2023.

A domiciliary account is a type of account operated from Nigeria, it enables anyone to receive foreign currencies directly to his account within Three to Five Days.

If you are a business person, student or even a Blogger, getting a domiciliary account will help you Alot, asides receiving money, you can also save your hard earn foreign currency for future use.

10 Best Domiciliary Account In Nigeria 2022

Which is the best domiciliary account in Nigeria? In this post, you will get to know the 10 best Domiciliary Account In Nigeria.

What Is A Domiciliary Account?

Domiciliary Account Receive, Send, and save foreign currencies like Dollars, Euro’s, and pounds. It can also be used and operated from any part of the world.

This account depends on the bank you opened it and doesn’t receive Nigeria Currency which is Naira. However, it can help you in buying and selling dollars at your own price.

Requirements Needed To Operate A Domiciliary Account

You need to fill and Sign the domiciliary account opening form at the Bank branch

Identification Documents Like National Identity card, Driver’s License, international passport or Voters Card will be need too.


A Completed Reference Form by two individuals

A copy of your Utility Bill.

Best Domiciliary Account In Nigeria 2023

First Bank Domiciliary Account

Access Bank Domiciliary Account

GTBank Domiciliary Account

Fidelity Bank Domiciliary Account

First City Monument Bank Domiciliary Account

Polaris Domiciliary Account

Union Bank Domiciliary Account

UBA Domiciliary Account

Zenith Bank Domiciliary Account

Stanbic IBTC Domiciliary Account

Wema Bank Domiciliary Account

10 Best Domiciliary Account In Nigeria 2023

1. First Bank Domiciliary Account

First Bank currently has the best domiciliary Account In Nigeria. The bank is considered as one of the top banks providing it customers with Domiciliary Account to do different online businesses.

Types of First Bank Domiciliary Account

Domiciliary Account

The FirstDom Plus

FirstDom Plus is only available for top customers with above $5000 in their accounts, it provides high Rate with no bank fees.

Domiciliary Account

This is mostly for individuals, it only requires a Passport, means of identification, Utility Bill and others.

2. Zenith Bank Domiciliary Account

Zenith Bank comes second on this list, the bank has the best Domiciliary Account In Nigeria allowing customers to open a new account with no funds in it. Zenith Bank provides two types of Account which includes cash and Conventional domiciliary account.

The personal accounts allow you to move money in and outside the country with no stress from anywhere. As a zenith Bank Domiciliary Account holder, you have access to services like online transfer, mobile banking and many more.

If you want to open a Domiciliary Account with Zero balance, then zenith Bank is what you need to consider because they are the best.

3. UBA Domiciliary Account

When it comes to opening a domiciliary Account with numerous features, UBA Bank are always there for their customers, below are types of domiciliary account provided by UBA

Dom Advantage

Dom Advantage Plus

U-Cars Plus Domiciliary Accounts

4. GTBank Domiciliary Account

In Nigeria, one of the most popular domiciliary account used by many is that of GTBank. With GTBank’s Domiciliary Account you can carry out different transactions ranging from Sending and Receiving US Dollars, British Pounds and euros.

From the comfort of your home, you can perform simple transactions With your GTBank Domiciliary Account, Withdrawals are available at the bank branch.

5. Union Bank Domiciliary Account

Union Bank is underated in Nigeria, but it offers the best Domiciliary Account In the country. To create a dollar account with the Bank, you will need to visit the Bank branch with all the requirements as mentioned above.

6. Fidelity Bank Domiciliary Account

Fidelity Bank was ranked as one among the best Bank providing Domiciliary Account In Nigeria as of 2023. With amazing customer services, the bank has outstanding features to it users.

7. Access Bank Domiciliary Account 

With access Bank Domiciliary Account, you will be able to make transfer in foreign currencies with no limitations and maintenance fees. Both Euro’s, Pounds, Us Dollars and Yen can be saved in your access Bank Account.

8. First City Monument Bank Domiciliary Account

Next on our list is FCMB Domiciliary Account, like every other bank, they offer both Saving and current accounts. You can receive dollars from your business partners, and relatives with FCMB Dom account.

9. Stanbic IBTC Bank Domiciliary Account

This bank requires $100 for a start. Stanbic IBTC have been providing it customers with the best services in terms of Handling foreign currencies and transactions.

10. Polaris Bank Domiciliary Account

With Polaris Bank, all your international transaction are in Safe Hands, the bank allows you to shop online, pay bills, and receive dollars from abroad.


To receive foreign currencies in Nigeria, you will need to open a Domiciliary Account with any of the above listed Banks, as a Blogger or business owner, a domiciliary account will make sending and receiving Funds from outside Easy.

How much can a domiciliary account hold in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, a domiciliary account can hold about $10,000

Can I save naira in a domiciliary account?

No, A Domiciliary Account only accept foreign currencies.

How much does it cost to open a domiciliary account in Nigeria?

It cost around, $100 to open a Domiciliary Account.

Which bank has the best domiciliary account in Nigeria?

Access Bank, Zenith Bank, First Bank, Union Bank And FCMB

Can I withdraw all the money in my domiciliary account?

Yes, you can withdraw all the money in your domiciliary account.

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